About Me


I am a teacher. Every day I have the privilege to share in the adventure of learning with a room full of 8 and 9 year olds. There simply is nothing as beautiful as a child when they smile.

When I am not teaching or researching I enjoy sketching, painting, writing poetry, short stories, songs, and freelance articles. I especially enjoy creating computer graphics and websites. My children’s book Sipke’s Son The Story of a Friesian Colt was published in 2009. The book was illustrated by my most talented friend Rebecca Dennett. Currently I am working on a new book with Scottish singer/song writer Alan Greer. I worked as production assistant and marketing manager on Jon Gustafsson’s award winning documentary, Wrath of Gods .

I believe that most people are the same. What sets us apart is the level of passion with which we approach life. Some choose to lead while others follow. Some choose to be takers while others opt to be care takers. You should never take without giving something back. We should never take anyone or anything for granted. Never forget to say thank you or show gratitude for even the smallest deed or gesture. If you care about someone, tell them, never wait until it’s too late. It might not seem important to you, but it could mean the world to someone else. Listen with your heart, your brain lies between your ears and can affect what you hear. Shower the people you love with love they will get more than enough hurts from life. Never let the sun set on your wrath, forgiveness sets you free and burdens the other fellow.

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